AJ and Sophie’s Devon Wedding

Wedding Buttonhole and Wedding Ring

Wedding Buttonhole and Wedding Ring

So last weekend we bimbled down to Plymouth in Devon for a very special wedding…Now I know what you are thinking… “ALL weddings are special!”

Well, yes this is very true, but for me this was even more special…Why? I hear you ask… Well because this was the wedding of my nephew, Alan, and his beautiful young lady Sophie. It was also a special wedding because they were getting married under special licence and there had been just under 2 weeks to organise everything!!!

A& adn Sophie - Just Married

The newly married happy couple


It was more than just luck that I was available to do the photos, the weekend was my sister’s 25th wedding anniversary and I had been heading down for the event, and in part this was why Alan and Sophie wanted their wedding to be that particular weekend.

Alan and Sophie, and Karen (Alan’s mother) and Amanda (Sophie’s mother), pulled every cat out of every bag you can imagine to get everything ready on time, and I believe they roped in every friend who stood still too long! And an amazing job they all did! Proof that when push comes to shove it doesn’t take a year or more to organise the big day!


Wedding Lacing

Wedding Lacing

The Bride leaves the Wedding Car

The Bride leaves the Wedding Car

As a surprise, Sophie’s dad had arranged a beautiful vintage car to take them to St Michael’s Church.

Sophie looked resplendent in her dress, and the bridesmaid and the wedding party were glorious in purple.

The flowers for the wedding were arranged by the mother of the Groom, including the buttonholes, bouquets and arrangements in the Church.

After the ceremony,the guests were treated to a buffet prepared by the Groom before the cutting of the wedding cake.

For the evening reception, the guests went to the Mount Pleasant Hotel.

Huge congratulations to the happy couple, and Sophie, welcome to the family.

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