SwingXcetera 2012 Dance Weekend

SwingXcetera 2012

For the last weekend of February I trekked down to the seaside – but didn’t make it to the beach – Instead I spent a weekend at the Carrington House Hotel in Bournemouth with over 200 West Coast Swing dancers – indulging in dancing, dancing and then for a little light relief, some more dancing.

I have not been doing West Coast Swing very long and as yet, am not really very good, so the opportunity to spend a weekend watching some of the best dancers I have ever seen doing their thing was a complete treat for me. I found the weekend terrifying, exhilarating, intimidating, exciting, enlightening, fun, awesome, inspiring… sometimes all at the same time! 

The weekend, organised by Andrea Knight for Dance Swing UK, included some amazing teachers Mike Rosa, Robert Cordoba and Deborah S Székely, Mario and Stephanie Robau and Ginger Pickerel put everyone through their paces – Ginger’s footwork classes were fascinating to watch but I completely chickened out of taking part… On a good day, not falling over my feet is a good result!


I found Mario and Stephanie Robau’s classes a complete joy – his simple and logical explanations for those of us without any kind of dance back ground really made sense to me (and as it took me 6 months to figure out what “kick, ball change” meant that is a real compliment!) and I hope to take what I learnt on to my future dancing. Though I cannot apologise enough for being such a rubbish dancer when I actually got to dance with him – I suddenly found myself quaking in my boots and unable to count to “3 and” never mind “5 and” (WCS dancers will understand that!)


Having made the decision not to use flash during the weekend, the lighting conditions at this event were extremely challenging for most of the weekend, but despite that, I think I have some great shots and I hope you like them as much as I do.

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