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I have always had an interest in photography, initially instilled by my mother, an RAF photographer, and my daughter’s Grandfather who was an event and wedding photographer.

Initially I spent many years as a nature photographer. Scientific imaging as part of my biology degree taught me how to use my camera and through that course I developed a particular interest in macro work and things probably would have stayed that way… If I hadn’t got my first long zoom lens.


I soon realised that with the length of lens I was using I could actually take the pictures I had always wanted to take, and people never noticed me. The shots I was taking were natural and I was getting the pictures I could see in my mind. I was recording people as they really were – without the “there is a camera in the vicinity I must put on my photo grimace – er smile”. The beauty in people’s faces that I could see was shining through and the most common feedback was “No one ever took a nice picture of me before – thank you!” For the first time I was paying attention to faces with my lens… and I was hooked!


I became a band reviewer for a music web site for quite a while and learnt a lot about photography of “moving objects in low light”. I really enjoyed that, especially getting a press pass to see Fish and to the Womad Festival (I have to say meeting Martha Staple was a real high point for me) but I came to realise that although I enjoyed the writing, it was really all about the photos for me. I also started taking my camera to bike rallies and parties and taking photos all weekend – which is how I began to refine the reportage style that I use.


Although I had taken photos at lots of weddings, and had been told several times that my photos were better than the official photographer, it took a couple of friends to ask me to be the official photographer at their weddings before I ever considered taking this wonderful hobby further and turning it into a career. Even then it took me quite a while, and several more weddings before I took the plunge.


I love taking photos and it is very rare for me to go anywhere without my camera. I really enjoy the wedding photography, it is a real honour and privilege to be able to take part in a couple’s special day and I feel very passionate about producing the best photos I can.

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