SwingXcetera 2012 – Sunday

The UK’s ONLY Non-Competitive West Coast Swing Event “SwingXcetera 2012” dance weekender was held in Bournemouth, Dorset on  February 24th to 27th 2012

Below is a slideshow of the photographs taken on Sunday 27th February 201


[img src= 2012_8111.jpg]160
[img src= 2012_8112.jpg]30
[img src= 2012_8117.jpg]50
[img src= 2012_8118.jpg]30
[img src= 2012_8121.jpg]20
[img src= 2012_8126.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8127.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8134.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8137.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8152.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8158.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8159.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8160.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8162.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8168.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8169.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8170.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8173.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8175.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8176.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8182.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8194.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8206.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8208.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8233.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8234.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8237.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8238.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8239.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8245.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8254.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8266.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8270.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8276.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8278.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8326.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8354.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8370.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8377.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8382.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8383.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8399.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8404.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8409.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8423.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8426.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8434.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8439.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8441.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8446.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8459.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8475.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8485.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8488.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8489.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8491.jpg]00


SwingXcetera 2012 – Saturday

The UK’s ONLY Non-Competitive West Coast Swing Event “SwingXcetera 2012” dance weekender was held in Bournemouth, Dorset on  February 24th to 27th 2012

Below is a slideshow of the photographs taken on Saturday 26th February 201


[img src= Saturday_7066.jpg]110
[img src= Saturday_7072.jpg]30
[img src= Saturday_7075.jpg]20
[img src= Saturday_7081.jpg]20
[img src= Saturday_7084.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7085.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7089.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7091.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7099.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7106.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7118.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7136.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7140.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7150.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7151.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7152.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7153.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7154.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7158.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7159.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7162.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7163.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7164.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7165.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7167.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7168.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7170.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7213.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7218.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7225.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7226.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7232.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7233.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7236.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7240.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7241.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7245.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7250.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7266.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7274.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7284.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7295.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7299.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7306.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7318.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7336.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7341.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7348.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7349.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7352.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7353.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7362.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7364.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7366.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7369.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7371.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7374.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7375.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7376.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7377.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7379.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7382.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7383.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7385.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7386.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7391.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7392.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7428.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7429.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7431.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7432.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7438.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7439.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7447.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7453.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7455.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7456.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7461.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7462.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7466.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7473.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7476.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7477.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7490.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7496.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7500.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7502.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7505.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7510.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7514.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7515.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7517.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7518.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7520.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7521.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7558.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7559.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7571.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7628.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7637.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7638.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7643.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7646.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7648.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7654.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7661.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7662.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7665.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7666.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7671.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7682.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7733.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7774.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7788.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7834.jpg]20
[img src= Saturday_7835.jpg]30
[img src= Saturday_7837.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7849.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7851.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7861.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7863.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7864.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7869.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7870.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7884.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7888.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7890.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7892.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7897.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7904.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7909.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7910.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7916.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7924.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7932.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7933.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7945.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7955.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7956.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7991.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_8008.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_8026.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_8087.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_8089.jpg]00


SwingXcetera 2012 – Friday

The UK’s ONLY Non-Competitive West Coast Swing Event “SwingXcetera 2012” dance weekender was held in Bournemouth, Dorset on  February 24th to 27th 2012

Below is a slideshow of the photographs taken on Friday 24th February 201


[img src= 2012_6489.jpg]220
[img src= 2012_6501.jpg]40
[img src= 2012_6543.jpg]50
[img src= 2012_6552.jpg]50
[img src= 2012_6553.jpg]40
[img src= 2012_6559.jpg]30
[img src= 2012_6565.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_6575.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_6576.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_6579.jpg]20
[img src= 2012_6580.jpg]30
[img src= 2012_6583.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6593.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6607.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6608.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6609.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6610.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6611.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_6612.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_6613.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_6635.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6636.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6638.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_6641.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6643.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6644.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6647.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_6649.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6653.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6654.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6665.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_6668.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6671.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6675.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6676.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6679.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6682_edited-1.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6700.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6704.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6710.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6712.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_6716.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6721.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6724.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6731.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6736.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6745.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6746.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6747.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6749.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6766.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6768.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6776.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6786.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6793.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6797.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6799.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6800.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6802.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6805.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6815.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6819.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6828.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6829.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6832.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6834.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6837.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6850.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6859.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6863.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6867.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6872.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6873.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6878.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6883.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6885.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6886.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6887.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6895.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6901.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6905.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6910.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6920.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6922.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6952_edited-1.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6954.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6955.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6968.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6993.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6995.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6997.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_7000.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_7003.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_7022.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_7023.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_7034.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_7058.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_7059.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_7059_edited-1.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6479.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6485.jpg]00


SwingXcetera 2012 Dance Weekend

SwingXcetera 2012

For the last weekend of February I trekked down to the seaside – but didn’t make it to the beach – Instead I spent a weekend at the Carrington House Hotel in Bournemouth with over 200 West Coast Swing dancers – indulging in dancing, dancing and then for a little light relief, some more dancing.

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