SwingXcetera 2012 – Sunday

The UK’s ONLY Non-Competitive West Coast Swing Event “SwingXcetera 2012” dance weekender was held in Bournemouth, Dorset on  February 24th to 27th 2012

Below is a slideshow of the photographs taken on Sunday 27th February 201


[img src= 2012_8111.jpg]160
[img src= 2012_8112.jpg]30
[img src= 2012_8117.jpg]50
[img src= 2012_8118.jpg]30
[img src= 2012_8121.jpg]20
[img src= 2012_8126.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8127.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8134.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8137.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8152.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8158.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8159.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8160.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8162.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8168.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8169.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8170.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8173.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8175.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8176.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8182.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8194.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8206.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8208.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8233.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8234.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8237.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8238.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8239.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8245.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8254.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8266.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8270.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8276.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8278.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8326.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8354.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8370.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8377.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8382.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8383.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8399.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8404.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8409.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8423.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8426.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8434.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8439.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8441.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8446.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8459.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8475.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8485.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8488.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8489.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8491.jpg]00


SwingXcetera 2012 – Saturday

The UK’s ONLY Non-Competitive West Coast Swing Event “SwingXcetera 2012” dance weekender was held in Bournemouth, Dorset on  February 24th to 27th 2012

Below is a slideshow of the photographs taken on Saturday 26th February 201


[img src= Saturday_7066.jpg]110
[img src= Saturday_7072.jpg]30
[img src= Saturday_7075.jpg]20
[img src= Saturday_7081.jpg]20
[img src= Saturday_7084.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7085.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7089.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7091.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7099.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7106.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7118.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7136.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7140.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7150.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7151.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7152.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7153.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7154.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7158.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7159.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7162.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7163.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7164.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7165.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7167.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7168.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7170.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7213.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7218.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7225.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7226.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7232.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7233.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7236.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7240.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7241.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7245.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7250.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7266.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7274.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7284.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7295.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7299.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7306.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7318.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7336.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7341.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7348.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7349.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7352.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7353.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7362.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7364.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7366.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7369.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7371.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7374.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7375.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7376.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7377.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7379.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7382.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7383.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7385.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7386.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7391.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7392.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7428.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7429.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7431.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7432.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7438.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7439.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7447.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7453.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7455.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7456.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7461.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7462.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7466.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7473.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7476.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7477.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7490.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7496.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7500.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7502.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7505.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7510.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7514.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7515.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7517.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7518.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7520.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7521.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7558.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7559.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7571.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7628.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7637.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7638.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7643.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7646.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7648.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7654.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7661.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7662.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7665.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7666.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7671.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7682.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7733.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7774.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7788.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7834.jpg]20
[img src= Saturday_7835.jpg]30
[img src= Saturday_7837.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7849.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7851.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7861.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7863.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7864.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7869.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7870.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7884.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7888.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7890.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7892.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7897.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7904.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7909.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7910.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7916.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7924.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7932.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7933.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7945.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7955.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7956.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7991.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_8008.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_8026.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_8087.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_8089.jpg]00


SwingXcetera 2012 – Friday

The UK’s ONLY Non-Competitive West Coast Swing Event “SwingXcetera 2012” dance weekender was held in Bournemouth, Dorset on  February 24th to 27th 2012

Below is a slideshow of the photographs taken on Friday 24th February 201


[img src= 2012_6489.jpg]220
[img src= 2012_6501.jpg]40
[img src= 2012_6543.jpg]50
[img src= 2012_6552.jpg]50
[img src= 2012_6553.jpg]40
[img src= 2012_6559.jpg]30
[img src= 2012_6565.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_6575.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_6576.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_6579.jpg]20
[img src= 2012_6580.jpg]30
[img src= 2012_6583.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6593.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6607.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6608.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6609.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6610.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6611.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_6612.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_6613.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_6635.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6636.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6638.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_6641.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6643.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6644.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6647.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_6649.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6653.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6654.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6665.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_6668.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6671.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6675.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6676.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6679.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6682_edited-1.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6700.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6704.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6710.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6712.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_6716.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6721.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6724.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6731.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6736.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6745.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6746.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6747.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6749.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6766.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6768.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6776.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6786.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6793.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6797.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6799.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6800.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6802.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6805.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6815.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6819.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6828.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6829.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6832.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6834.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6837.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6850.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6859.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6863.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6867.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6872.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6873.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6878.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6883.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6885.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6886.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6887.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6895.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6901.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6905.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6910.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6920.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6922.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6952_edited-1.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6954.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6955.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6968.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6993.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6995.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6997.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_7000.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_7003.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_7022.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_7023.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_7034.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_7058.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_7059.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_7059_edited-1.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6479.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_6485.jpg]00


SwingXcetera 2012 Dance Weekend

SwingXcetera 2012

For the last weekend of February I trekked down to the seaside – but didn’t make it to the beach – Instead I spent a weekend at the Carrington House Hotel in Bournemouth with over 200 West Coast Swing dancers – indulging in dancing, dancing and then for a little light relief, some more dancing.

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Wiltshire Concrete Staff Party 2011

(With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore for the chronic liberties I have taken with his original poem)


T’was the party before Christmas and all through the pub

The drink it was flowing, there was plenty of grub

The tables were laid with the greatest of care

in the hopes that the band would soon be there

The Wiltshire Concrete staff were lined up at the bar

While bar staff provided them each with a jar

Then up on the stage there rose such a clatter

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Ducis and Everleigh Show 2011

Photographs from a day out at The Ducis and Everleigh Village Show 2011.

You can find out more about the show on their website.


[img src=]210
[img src=]20
[img src=]10
[img src=]20
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]10
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]10
[img src=]10
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]10
[img src=]20
[img src=]10
[img src=]10
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]10
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]10
[img src=]10
[img src=]10
[img src=]10
[img src=]20
[img src=]10
[img src=]20
[img src=]10
[img src=]10
[img src=]10
[img src=]10
[img src=]10
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00
[img src=]00

The Royal Wedding

It appears that my invite to The Royal Wedding got mislaid, but I did attend the Everleigh Parish Council Royal Wedding Celebrations.

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Everleigh Parish Council held a party for the local village with a BBQ and games and entertainment for the kids (and the kids at heart, with a rounders game taking place until it was too dark to see!)

You can see more shots taken from the day at the Everleigh Village Website

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