Engagement Photography

Engagement Shoot


It has become very popular for newly engaged couples to have a set of engagement photos taken prior to their special day.


As many people find having their photograph taken more an embarrassing trial than an opportunity to shine, on any occasion, I’d recommend a relaxed, informal photography shoot, at an agreed location – perhaps where you got engaged or just somewere that is “special” to you.


As well as giving you a photographic celebration of your engagment that you can share with family and friends, the engagement shoot gives us a chance to explore the possibilites for the Big Day whilst creating a memorable set of photographs prior to the event.


The Engagement Shoot gives us a chance to get to know each other, making you feel more comfortable about my taking your wedding photographs. I believe that getting to know you both also helps me to produce even better photographs on your Big Day.

This shoot would usually be about 2 hours. Time well spent to help calm your fears about the camera, the photographer and the photos, even if it doesn’t stop you being nervous about the upcoming wedding.




Reportage Photographic Style

The Jinxtapose Photography Definition of Reportage Style Photography


Capturing the Moment

Reportage is a technique of documentary film or photo journalism that tells a story entirely through pictures. Reportage is sometimes called “photo journalism” and sometimes “documentary photography”.


When you are looking for a photographer and you are imagining the pictures you will receive you aren’t hoping for photos that will remind you of the photographer telling you to smile, turn to the left or look up. Instead hope that your photographs will remind you of your special event, the things that happened, the things that were said, and the feelings of the day.


And my aim when I record an event is to do just that – help you to remember the day.


I will not disrupt the running of the event to take photographs and will take a lot of photographs discretely – but I will also interact with your guests to make them more comfortable so that although I can photographically be emotionally involved in the day, people will feel comfortable enough about my presence to not grimace or freeze for the photographs.


In this way the results will be a natural and beautiful record of your special day.

Jinxtaposed Biography

I have always had an interest in photography, initially instilled by my mother, an RAF photographer, and my daughter’s Grandfather who was an event and wedding photographer.

Initially I spent many years as a nature photographer. Scientific imaging as part of my biology degree taught me how to use my camera and through that course I developed a particular interest in macro work and things probably would have stayed that way… If I hadn’t got my first long zoom lens.


I soon realised that with the length of lens I was using I could actually take the pictures I had always wanted to take, and people never noticed me. The shots I was taking were natural and I was getting the pictures I could see in my mind. I was recording people as they really were – without the “there is a camera in the vicinity I must put on my photo grimace – er smile”. The beauty in people’s faces that I could see was shining through and the most common feedback was “No one ever took a nice picture of me before – thank you!” For the first time I was paying attention to faces with my lens… and I was hooked!


I became a band reviewer for a music web site for quite a while and learnt a lot about photography of “moving objects in low light”. I really enjoyed that, especially getting a press pass to see Fish and to the Womad Festival (I have to say meeting Martha Staple was a real high point for me) but I came to realise that although I enjoyed the writing, it was really all about the photos for me. I also started taking my camera to bike rallies and parties and taking photos all weekend – which is how I began to refine the reportage style that I use.


Although I had taken photos at lots of weddings, and had been told several times that my photos were better than the official photographer, it took a couple of friends to ask me to be the official photographer at their weddings before I ever considered taking this wonderful hobby further and turning it into a career. Even then it took me quite a while, and several more weddings before I took the plunge.


I love taking photos and it is very rare for me to go anywhere without my camera. I really enjoy the wedding photography, it is a real honour and privilege to be able to take part in a couple’s special day and I feel very passionate about producing the best photos I can.


Wedding Reportage Photography Services


One of the most important days of your life…but it all went by in such a whirl you can hardly remember a thing.


Fortunately, thanks to the pictures of the day, those precious moments are not lost forever.

I will record your day – not direct it – instead I will tell the story of your wedding in visual narrative, from an observer’s view point. Your photographs will be an unobtrusive, informal, record of your special day, primarily in a reportage style.

Budgeting for your Memories

Because, like your wedding day, everyone’s budget differs, all package prices are only a guideline and can be tailored to fit your unique needs. No matter what package best fits your budget, your wedding is your day and is all about you – not about the photographer. Therefore, the following packages are just to give you an idea of what you can expect from me and how much you can expect to pay.

Regardless of the package you choose, the only limit to the amount of photographs available is the amount of photographs taken – If I take 300 great shots then you will get 300 great shots on your disk– but if i take 1000 great shots then you will get 1000 great shots on your disk.

I will only ever shoot one wedding in a day.

Calm and Relaxed

Many people find having their photograph taken more an embarrassing trial than an opportunity to shine, even on their special day, so I’d recommend a “Getting to know you” photographic shoot.

This is to help you to get used to being in front of the camera as well as giving us both a chance to get to know each other and work together. I’d recommend a relaxed, pre-wedding shoot, for example, at the wedding venue, the reception venue (management permitting) or at an agreed location. This would usually be about 2 hours: Time well spent to help calm your fears about having your photo taking, even if it doesn’t stop you being nervous about the wedding itself.

Photography in the Church

Please note that photography during the ceremony will be restricted, and sometimes will not be allowed at all. When photography is allowed, it will generally be a case of picking the most suitable spot and sticking to it, and this may well be dictated by the officiate. Therefore if ceremony photographs are permitted, unfortunately there will not be a wide variety of angles and shots. You should discuss this with your officiate prior to the wedding, to allow you to know in advance on any limitationson that may be in place. I will go where permitted within the confines of the church rules, however, the ceremony is a sacred event and I will treat it accordingly.

Traditional Wedding Photographs

Most of my photography is, an unobtrusive reportage style, but I can certainly do some of the more traditional “formal” shots if that is what you require. We can discuss this in advance to come up with a suitable shooting list which can then be built into the plan for the day.


However, these traditional shots tend to take time to arrange on the day, so you must allow enough time between the ceremony and the reception for these to be done. Each requested shot can take up to 5 minutes to get right (the bigger the group the longer they tend to take).


It may be preferable to do some of these group shots at the reception venue so that people can have a drink etc whilst hanging around.

These shots should ideally be done before people start to eat – firstly it reduces the risks of food and wine related accidents to people’s clothes, and those with hats etc will still be wearing them.



All prices intended as a guide only. An additional charge may be added to your package should overnight accommodation or travel expenses be required. All editing will be performed at the photographer’s discretion. Should you require anything further however, that can be arranged between us.

A non refundable retainer is required to is required at the time of booking to secure your wedding date. Prices are subject to change, however this will not affect any booked weddings.

About Jinxtaposed

A bit more about Jinxtaposed Photography

Telling the story of your special event in a visual photographic narrative, in an unobtrusive, informal, reportage style


Sax PlayerI am a Wiltshire based photographer, however, being based on the M4 corridor and nearly next door to the M5 makes travel to pretty much anywhere in the UK pretty easy.

I generally “go solo” at the events I photograph (though if you have a very large guest list, or perhaps a split venue, then I have an associate who will accompany me), mingling but in an unobtrusive manner. I dress appropriately for the events I attend, so as to not stand out, but to blend in. I am not by nature bossy (though my daughter may argue that point) and will not try to make people pose, or pretend they are doing something for the sake of a pre imagined picture. The words “smile”, or “say cheese” will not be uttered.


Instead I will record the event, telling a visual story as it unfolds. I will not disrupt the running of the event to take photographs and will take a lot of photographs discretely – but I will also interact with your guests to make them more comfortable so that although I can photographically be emotionally involved in the day, people will feel comfortable enough about my presence to not grimace or freeze for the photographs. I have excellent people skills and make people feel at ease.


Although most of my photography is an unobtrusive reportage style, I can certainly do some of the more traditional “formal” shots if that is what you, or the style of the event require (I would recommend that you select someone who knows the majority of the people who will be involved in the formal shots to help with the organisation – I find this generally really helps speed up the process).

We will discuss this in advance, and I will help you to come up with a suitable shooting list which can then be built into the plan for the day.


Lost HankieWhatever event you hire me to record, be it a wedding, a family celebration, a party, a christening or a music event, when you receive your pictures, you won’t be reminded of the photographer telling you to stand slightly to the left or telling you to look up. Instead you will receive a beautiful, honest record of the event of both colour and black and white shots, which will invoke memories of your emotions, your conversations, even your Uncle Charlie’s terrible jokes!


Before your Special Event

Once you have decided that you would like me to cover your event, please contact me so that we can discuss availability. I will require a 20% retainer, to secure your date.

About a month before your event I will confirm the fine details with you such as exact locations, confirm times, formal image requirements etc. The remainder of the balance is due around this time.


After the Special Event

Once I have finished the photography I then work through the images, editing as needed. It can take up to 4 weeks for me to finish this side of the job. I will then provide you details so that you can review, securely, the photos online at your convenience.

If I am preparing an album it is at this stage that you will chose your favourite shots. In addition, you can purchase prints of any of these images. (as well as albums and prints I can also supply your photographs in a variety of size prints, on canvas prints, large format prints etc, depending on your personal requirements).



A Portfolio of Wedding Photography images


[img src= ready 3.JPG]1020
[img src= ready 1.JPG]330
[img src= it 50s style.JPG]280
[img src= you out shine me today alannah.JPG]320
[img src= im a real girl.JPG]280
[img src= journey to the venue.JPG]310
[img src= for the bride.JPG]290
[img src= to go to work.JPG]200
[img src= at the church 1.JPG]170
[img src= at the church 2.JPG]220
[img src= the job done.JPG]200
[img src= im here - lets do it.JPG]210
[img src= the vows.JPG]240
[img src= lovely.JPG]220
[img src= the church.JPG]170
[img src= all mine 1.JPG]160
[img src= all mine 2.JPG]150
[img src= a legal thing apparently.JPG]160
[img src= let them out eventually.JPG]100
[img src= the indoor bit 2.JPG]110
[img src= the indoor bit 4.JPG]90
[img src= the church.JPG]120
[img src= again.JPG]140
[img src= flowers.JPG]100
[img src= thought confetti was suppposed to fall around us - not in the dress.JPG]90
[img src= thought my husband would be taller.JPG]90
[img src= all mine 3.JPG]90
[img src= for the wedding night.JPG]100
[img src= did that come from.JPG]120
[img src= ok who gave the kids sugar.JPG]120
[img src= who needs a hanky.JPG]100
[img src= it is a wellie boot well spotted.JPG]90
[img src= its a cake.JPG]110
[img src= the cake 1.JPG]130
[img src= dance.JPG]130
[img src= getting in on the act- well almost every one.JPG]160

AJ and Sophie’s Devon Wedding

Wedding Buttonhole and Wedding Ring

Wedding Buttonhole and Wedding Ring

So last weekend we bimbled down to Plymouth in Devon for a very special wedding…Now I know what you are thinking… “ALL weddings are special!”

Well, yes this is very true, but for me this was even more special…Why? I hear you ask… Well because this was the wedding of my nephew, Alan, and his beautiful young lady Sophie. It was also a special wedding because they were getting married under special licence and there had been just under 2 weeks to organise everything!!!

Continue reading

SwingXcetera 2012 – Sunday

The UK’s ONLY Non-Competitive West Coast Swing Event “SwingXcetera 2012” dance weekender was held in Bournemouth, Dorset on  February 24th to 27th 2012

Below is a slideshow of the photographs taken on Sunday 27th February 201


[img src= 2012_8111.jpg]160
[img src= 2012_8112.jpg]30
[img src= 2012_8117.jpg]50
[img src= 2012_8118.jpg]30
[img src= 2012_8121.jpg]20
[img src= 2012_8126.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8127.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8134.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8137.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8152.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8158.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8159.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8160.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8162.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8168.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8169.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8170.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8173.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8175.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8176.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8182.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8194.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8206.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8208.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8233.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8234.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8237.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8238.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8239.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8245.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8254.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8266.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8270.jpg]10
[img src= 2012_8276.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8278.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8326.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8354.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8370.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8377.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8382.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8383.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8399.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8404.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8409.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8423.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8426.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8434.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8439.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8441.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8446.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8459.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8475.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8485.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8488.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8489.jpg]00
[img src= 2012_8491.jpg]00


SwingXcetera 2012 – Saturday

The UK’s ONLY Non-Competitive West Coast Swing Event “SwingXcetera 2012” dance weekender was held in Bournemouth, Dorset on  February 24th to 27th 2012

Below is a slideshow of the photographs taken on Saturday 26th February 201


[img src= Saturday_7066.jpg]110
[img src= Saturday_7072.jpg]30
[img src= Saturday_7075.jpg]20
[img src= Saturday_7081.jpg]20
[img src= Saturday_7084.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7085.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7089.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7091.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7099.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7106.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7118.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7136.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7140.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7150.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7151.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7152.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7153.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7154.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7158.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7159.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7162.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7163.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7164.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7165.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7167.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7168.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7170.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7213.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7218.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7225.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7226.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7232.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7233.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7236.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7240.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7241.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7245.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7250.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7266.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7274.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7284.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7295.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7299.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7306.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7318.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7336.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7341.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7348.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7349.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7352.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7353.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7362.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7364.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7366.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7369.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7371.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7374.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7375.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7376.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7377.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7379.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7382.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7383.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7385.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7386.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7391.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7392.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7428.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7429.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7431.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7432.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7438.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7439.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7447.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7453.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7455.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7456.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7461.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7462.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7466.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7473.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7476.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7477.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7490.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7496.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7500.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7502.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7505.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7510.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7514.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7515.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7517.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7518.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7520.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7521.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7558.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7559.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7571.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7628.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7637.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7638.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7643.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7646.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7648.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7654.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7661.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7662.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7665.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7666.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7671.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7682.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7733.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7774.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7788.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7834.jpg]20
[img src= Saturday_7835.jpg]30
[img src= Saturday_7837.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7849.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7851.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7861.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7863.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7864.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7869.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7870.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7884.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7888.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7890.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7892.jpg]10
[img src= Saturday_7897.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7904.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7909.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7910.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7916.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7924.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7932.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7933.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7945.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7955.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7956.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_7991.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_8008.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_8026.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_8087.jpg]00
[img src= Saturday_8089.jpg]00


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