Wiltshire Concrete Staff Party 2011

(With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore for the chronic liberties I have taken with his original poem)


T’was the party before Christmas and all through the pub

The drink it was flowing, there was plenty of grub

The tables were laid with the greatest of care

in the hopes that the band would soon be there

The Wiltshire Concrete staff were lined up at the bar

While bar staff provided them each with a jar

Then up on the stage there rose such a clatter

and they sprang to the dance floor to see what was the matter

When what to their wondering eyes should they see

But a drummer guitarist and singer, collectively called Black Nasty!


Paul and Lesley the hosts at the Bell by the Green

Threw a party that rocked If you see what i mean

The music was nasty… of The Black Nasty type

There were smiles aplenty, the party lived up to the hype

Kev got up on the dance floor and felt comfortably free

to head bang to the Nasty’s playing AC/DC

And as the taxi’s arrived I heard him say “my head feels quite light”

“But happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”


A brilliant event with the Staff at Wiltshire Concrete

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